Selling Your House For Top Dollar

Are you in the process of selling your house? As you know by now, selling your home is a complicated, time-consuming process. If this were a decade ago, you’d be able to make a fortune from selling your house effortlessly. However, times have changed, and the housing market is more complicated to navigate. Buyers are pickier than they used to be, and several listed houses never sell. What if your home becomes one of the unlucky houses that never receive an offer? 

Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to win over any buyer. You’re looking for an offer that’s as impressive as your house; as such, it’s critical to avoid costly house selling mistakes. Keep on reading to learn how to sell your home for top dollar as fast as possible. 

Know Your Buyer

To attract a buyer, you have to think like a buyer. Go back to when you were first looking into buying your current house. What were your needs and expectations at the time? Your objective is to control the pace and set the duration of time your buyer has to make you an offer. Consider the following questions when determining if you should sell your house to a particular buyer:

  • What is the buyer’s motivation for buying a new home?
  • Is the buyer talking to multiple sellers? 
  • Does the buyer have sufficient money to pay for your asking price upfront? 

Knowing this information gives you the upper hand in the negotiation process because you’ll know how much money is too much or too little when deciding on an asking price. Remember, selling your home is a two-way street, and if multiple people are interested in your home, it’s best not to wait for one prospective buyer to make you an offer. Chances are, the potential buyer is also looking at other available houses, so don’t get your hopes up. 

Don’t Move out Just Yet

Although you’re excited to move into your new house, don’t make the mistake of prematurely moving out of your current home. Selling a vacant house is difficult because it’ll be too desolate, and no buyer will be attracted to a house that looks forgotten. If you move out of your home, you’re letting buyers know you have a new house ready to move into, and they’ll know you’re trying to sell your current home quickly. A buyer who figures this out might use this information against you at the negotiation table and try buying your house for a much lower price. Prematurely moving out is a mistake that might cost you thousands of dollars. 

Complete the Contract

Smart sellers go above and beyond to disclose all of their home’s shortcomings to their buyer in writing. If the buyer knows about your house’s defects, they can’t file a lawsuit against you later on. Spell out all terms, costs, and responsibilities in the selling contract and don’t diverge from anything mentioned in the agreement. 

Selling your house for top dollar is more complicated than ever these days, especially when some buyers have unrealistic expectations. Save yourself the trouble of listing your house on the market and sell your home to a house buying company. If you live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, sell your house to ZechBuysHouses LLC for an all-cash offer. 


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